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Our Aim

It is our aim to improve the spaces in which human beings live and work, thus contributing to better architecture. To this end we focus on the instruments of lighting and building systems.

Architecture places demands on lighting, for it is through lighting that architecture becomes visible and materials can be recognized and spaces interpreted. Good lighting must respond to the way in which the space is to be used and to the psychology of the user.

In the field of automation systems we stand for high-tech architecture. We regard building automation not as an additional element but far more as an element of the architecture itself which is taken into consideration and plays an integral role right from the very beginning of the planning process. Buildings of today are intelligent and adaptable. They adapt to the environmental conditions and the needs of the users. High-tech architecture is technically possible, makes economic sense and provides added value for everyone.

Our products and services

Product testing to improve product quality

  • Photometric measurements in accordance with all national and international standards in our own photometric laboratory. A service tailored to the needs of the luminaire industry. 
  • Tests for the interoperability of KNX/EIB, BACnet and DALI devices. For KNX this is the basis for obtaining a KNX certification. 

Our laboratories are accredited according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025.

Planning and consulting services

We develop planning philosophies which we apply in practice as independent planners and which we transmit in our seminars.

  • Free lighting design 
  • Consulting services for builders and architects for holistic integral planning of building technologies in accordance with HOAI ( building systems design)

Software to simplify planning

  • DIALux, the internationally leading software solution free to lighting designers and planners for lighting design of indoor and outdoor spaces 
  • LUMsearch, the luminaire search engine which helps lighting designers to find a suitable luminaire for their lighting design 
  • LDT Editor, the free editor for simple handling of photometric data 
  • Luminaire manufacturers receive support through electronic product catalogues, web catalogues and tools for data management 

Transmitting knowledge

Our knowledge and our experience are passed on through the DIALacademy in seminars and workshops, didactically geared to enabling the participants to gain their own experience and to profit from this in their own daily design and planning tasks.

How we work

We evaluate the latest technology, norms and trends in the interest of our customers and pass on this experience in our seminars in the DIALacademy. Action guidelines, checklists and concretely applicable knowledge are the benefits we provide.

The interdisciplinary composition of DIAL (architects, electrical engineers, computer scientists and many more) enable us to think beyond boundaries and to develop new holistic solutions and approaches. Our transparent company culture is based on mutual respect, requires personal responsibility and top performance of everyone and provides the space to develop individually. It must be possible to balance work and family in a modern society and we reflect this way of thinking in our day-to-day work.

Our working environment

A transparent company culture and the desire for an optimal space for creativity and cooperation were the template for our new building. Through its architecture and level of automation this striking new building achieves a high degree of energy efficiency and comfort and sets new standards with regard to the integral planning of technical building equipment and fittings (building systems design), You yourself can also form a picture of the optimal use of lighting and automation systems at any time. At info@dial.de you can arrange an appointment for viewing and combine this with a brief professional presentation (only small groups).