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18. April 2017
Smart Building ›

When planning lighting control with DALI, the focus nowadays is often on the pure function. Within HCL (Human Centric Lighting) there is frequently a demand for control of the colour temperature of accent lighting with saturated light colours. During the planning phase the user should always bear simple maintenance of the lighting installation in mind. It saves time and money if you can make adjustments yourself. But to do this you need expert knowledge.

11. April 2017
LUMsearch Partner News ›

We extend a warm welcome to Tupex AB as a new LUMsearch partner.

06. April 2017
Lighting ›

Human Centric Lighting, or HCL, is the English term for lighting which takes into account the non-visual effects of light. This current area of research, which focuses in particular on the influence of optical radiation on the health of humans, is exposed to two threats: on the one hand, being appropriated by very aggressive marketing from the lighting industry and, on the other hand, being hindered by critics who quickly sense a threat in any kind of progress.

05. April 2017
Software ›

DIALux evo 7 offers many new and modified functions to architects, lighting designers and engineers. As well as supporting BIM with IFC import, this version of DIALux evo focuses on faster and more efficient workflows for daily use.

31. March 2017
Smart Building ›

Modern building automation requires a holistic approach to planning. It is necessary to view all the disciplines involved in building automation as an integral whole. During the planning phase the building automation designer is faced with several tasks. He must understand the technical systems, identify the wishes and needs of the client and bear certain procedures in mind. Numerous, norms regulations and laws must be observed and applied.

31. March 2017
DIALux Premium Partner News ›

We are pleased to welcome ENSTO from Finland as a new DIALux Premium partner.

27. March 2017
Software ›

DIALux catalogue updates:

abalight GmbH, ABB DTS, ASMETEC GmbH, ASTZ (Ardatovsky svetotekchnichesky zavod), Aura Light, BEGA Gantenbrink Leuchten,...

01. March 2017
LUMsearch Partner News ›

Perdix specializes in LED lighting and is also able to produce special luminaires for specific projects.

23. February 2017
DIALux Standard Partner News ›

It is with great pleasure that we welcome V-TAC to the circle of DIALux partners.