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DALI testing services 

Compliance tests in accredited laboratory.

Ensure that all your products are DALI-compliant and benefit from the expertise and many years of experience of our testing laboratory. We check that your device complies with the specific requirements and issue an expert report. All DALI compliance tests are performed in accordance with IEC 62386 with the standardized testing device »ProbitLab«.

Quality management 

Our quality management in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 ensures that all tests are performed optimally and to your full satisfaction.


DALI stands for »Digital Addressable Lighting Interface« and is a digital communication protocol for controlling photometric components. DALI makes it possible to replace devices in lighting installations by those of different manufacturers.

Our services

Plus: Customized and express testing.

Fluorescent lamps

Emergency lighting with single battery

Discharge lamps

Low voltage halogen lamps

Supply control for
incandescent lamps

Conversion of digital
signal into direct current

LED modules

Switching functions