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FAQ DALI testing services

What to pay attention to… before the test?

In principle it is possible to submit a test order in informal, written form. The test order form is simply an alternative. Please complete a separate order form for each device:

  • Enter your complete address in the first section.
  • We then require details of the scope of the test required. Please tick which tests you wish us to conduct. 
  • Operating instructions/description of the device
  • Test samples (including lamps)

When possible, please use our form »Test order« when submitting your order. If you submit your order without this form, please make sure that we receive all the required devices, details documentation etc. together with your order. 

In principle the customer may be present at the test. However, especially for automated testing processes, there are very long cycle times, so that there is not really any significant benefit for the customer. 

What to pay attention to… during the test?

The test can be interrupted or cancelled at any time at the customer's request.

If a fault is identified, the test engineer will contact you. You have the opportunity to remedy the fault. On request we will then test the device again.

As a rule we are able to begin testing within a few days. When placing your order you are welcome to inquire about the estimated time required and a date for testing.

What to pay attention to… after the test?

If all testing cycles have been completed without fault or error, you will receive a positive test report in electronic form.

As well as all data relating to the device, a positive test report includes detailed documentation so that reproducibility of the testing situation can be reset at any time.

General information

DALI stands for »Digital Addressable Lighting Interface« and describes a data protocol for controlling photometric components.

You will find information here:

The aim is to develop and maintain a uniform standard for DALI technology which will serve as an orientation for manufacturers of DALI components when developing new products.

The cost of the test depends on which standard the product being tested should comply with. Our current price list informs you about the present fixed prices for the DALI test. If faults or errors are identified and the test has to be repeated, then 50% of the initial test price will be invoiced for the repetition of the test.

We test the DALI compliance of devices with the standardised testing equipment »ProbitLab« following the 62386 norm. Contact us to find out about further tests. We would be pleased to extend these tests to suit your requirements.

We test the conformity of devices to DALI with the standardised test equipment »ProbitLab« pursuant to the following norms:

IEC 62386-102 General requirements for operating device

IEC 62386-201 Fluorescent lamps

IEC 62386-202 Emergency lighting with single battery

IEC 62386-203 Discharge lamps

IEC 62386-204 Low voltage halogen lamps

IEC 62386-205 Supply control for incandescent lamps

IEC 62386-206 Conversion of the digital signal into direct current

IEC 62386-207 LED modules

IEC 62386-208 Switching functions