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DIALux trainers’ network

DIALux Trainings worldwide.

Our international network of DIALux trainers makes it possible for you to learn DIALux directly on-site and in your national language. Currently, our trainer network counts 28 trained and certified DIALux trainers. Based on continuous training, all trainers are up to date regarding the handling of DIALux and its development. Select the suited trainer of your choice and feel free to contact him directly for further information.

You are interested in becoming a member of our trainer network? Details can be found here.

DIALux trainers’ network


Romania + Moldova




DIALux Trainers' network

Become a member of the trainer network.

As a member of the official DIALux trainer network, you have the opportunity to offer DIALux trainings in your national language and your home country. DIAL trains continuously all DIALux trainers and therefore keeps all trainers up to date on the DIALux development. Benefit from the worldwide growing DIALux-Community and place your seminar dates in the DIALux trainer network section on DIAL’s website. You only need to pay a small annual fee and will receive free pricing for your trainings in return. You are interested in working as a DIALux trainer? Please contact Mr. Schwanke for further information.


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