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DIALux User Competition

Facade Lighting

Conditions of entry:

  • Building with facade lighting
  • Optional: Indoor lighting

Which data are required:

  • Project file (.evo)
  • 5 raytracer images  (Resolution: 1600x1200)
  • Information about Planner (Name, country, job)
  • Project description (max. 200 words)


Please send all files to: dettedialde

Competition finished

Stephan Dette ›


Contact Mr. Dette if you have 
general questions:

+49 23 51 56 74 422



1st Place: Steve Aries

2nd Place: Mohammed Yaseen Ali

3rd Place: Lukas Hünting



Arya Seyyedpour

Nelca Roco

Roman Radaelli

Maria Kobyakova

Claus Froslund Jensen

Dimitris Angel

Marcelo Perez

Martin Garay

Menna Mohamed

Kare Dizayn

Mirbek Bekboliev

Shidi Luo

Vikram Kalra

Munir Khazraji

Ko Myint

Shibu Jacob

Sepehr Safaee

John Rantanen

Anumol Baby

Ana Perkovic

Adam Szello

Julian Andres