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DIALux evo 7.0

Version history



  • The visualization of floor recessed light outputs has been improved.
  • Workplanes and daylight factor calculation surfaces are now included in the room summary printout.
  • An error during manipulation of polygonal roofs has been solved.
  • A warning has been solved, that occured when removing objects from a project.
  • An error in copying buildings and storeys has been solved.
  • The documented specific connection load (W/m²) is now calculated based on the room's floor area.


New functions

    • IFC import: Entire buildings and outdoor areas can now be imported automatically from IFC project files, without the need of manual contruction.
    • DWG drawings can now be included in printouts as a cutout of the required part.
    • The room summary's layout has been improved. In addition, there is the option of a simple and a detailed luminaire part list. By default, the simplified luminaire part list will be shown in the room summary.
    • A luminaire position plan is now included in the printouts in addition to a configurable reference coordinate system for outdoor scenes.
    • Calculation time can now be reduced by use of new calculation parameters as there are: »Only direct lighting without reflections«, »Calculation without furniture« and »Simplified indirect illumination of furniture and objects«. Active parameters will be documented in the printouts and the results overview.
    • Parts of calculation planes can be excluded from calculation and result interpretation by a cutout function. This is available for calculation grids, workplanes, task areas, room main surfaces, ASR A3.4 workstation areas and EN 12464-1 visual task areas.
    • Article numbers have been added to the luminaire catalog of road lighting.
    • Secifications according to IESNA Lighting Handbook (10th edition) have been added to the standards database.
    • The set aim angles of adjustable luminaires can now be exported as *.csv file.


    Improvements of existing features

    • Loading DIALux projects is no longer interrupted by message boxes.
    • The printout page conficuration has been removed from the bottom area of the screen and is now available as overlay, making the configuration more convenient. The current page will be automatically re-rendered as soon as the configuration page is closed.
    • All product data sheets are now be grouped below one node in the printout tree. This significantly reduces the size of the tree and gives a far better orientation.
    • Unavailable pages are now hidden in the tree instead of showing them as disabled. This also reduces the printout tree size without losing information or functionality.
    • The pages for results overview, isolines, false colors, value chart and value grid are now combined in one page. There is one page per calculation plane and parameter. The desired result visualizations can be selected in the page configuration. All visualizations are activated by default.
    • The option to show DWG drawing has been removed from the display options and placed next to the view navigation bar. Additional drawings can be loaded from this place. The DWG control has been removed from the site, building and storey construction tools.
    • Result value grids and isolines are now been displayed automatically after calculation a light scene. This function can be activated and deactivated in the application settings, in the section »CAD«, if needed.
    • The default value range of isolines is now automatically set based on the calculated lux levels.
    • The calculation time of isolines, false colors and value grids for the CAD window is significantly reduced due to parallelization.
    • The user interface for configuration of isolines has been redesigned. User defined value scales can now be saved and reused.