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LUMsearch Partnership

Present luminaires in the search engine.

The LUMsearch search engine provides luminaire manufacturers with a platform on which to present their luminaires. From product description to photometric data, light source, lamp type and design. You handle the data yourself and always have them under your control. Are you interested in a LUMsearch partnership? Just contact us – we would be pleased to offer our advice. You can advertise on LUMsearch whether you are a partner or not. LUMsearch is an ideal marketing platform for manufacturers who wish to address architects, engineers and lighting designers.


DIAL Service

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LUMsearch Benefits

Benefits for you at a glance.

Marketing platform

Through LUMsearch you will be able to reach out to architects, engineers, lighting designers and private individuals.

Data update

A data update is possible at any time so that the current status of your products is always shown.

Place your advertising banner on LUMsearch

Your advertising on

LUMsearch is the ideal marketing platform for manufacturers, retailers and service providers in the light and lighting sector. With your advertising banner you will gain the attention of architects, engineers and lighting designers again and again on a daily basis, with specialized orientation. There are various spaces for advertising banners in different sizes and positions. We would be pleased to assist you in making your choice. 


Data management

Easy input of product data.

You will receive data management software in which it is simple to enter, edit and delete product data. You can allocate search attributes used in LUMsearch to your products. The more criteria you name, the more exactly the data are described and the easier it is for potential customers to find your products. The software enables spontaneous data updates. If you use your own product data banks, we can provide the necessary interfaces.