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Photometric Laboratory

We confirm your lighting competence.

We validate your lighting competence parameters and reveal how your products perform in real life. With our precision instruments we can determine all photometric parameters. We always keep our laboratory up to date with the latest technological developments. Our quality management ensures the highest degree of accuracy and reproducibility in operation.


Our lighting laboratory has already implemented a quality management according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 in 1998. Thereby, we operate the first accredited and manufacturer-independent lighting laboratory in Germany.

Quality Management

The core of our photometry is the complete metrological traceability to the nationally as well as internationally valid luminous intensity standard of the PTB.

Our services

Plus: Customized and express testing.

Luminous Flux

We measure any light source up to a performance of 1000W and guarantee highest precision: Our measurement uncertainty (with k=2) is, depending on the light source, max. 5,0%.

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Luminous Intensity Distribution

We measure the radiation characteristics of all luminaire types and compile the light distribution curve (LDC).

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Reflectance or Transmittance

We determine the diffuse reflectance or transmittance of any material according to DIN 5036-3.

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Angle-dependent Reflectance or Transmittance

Measurement of angle-dependent degrees of reflectance or transmittance for eight angles per test.

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