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Expertise Smart Building

Better architecture through automation.

Intelligent buildings adapt dynamically to both the user's needs and surroundings. Building automation must therefore be planned holistically and include all the technical sub-sections of the building from the very beginning. For modern architecture can no longer do without software. Intelligent buildings provide added value which is unattainable with conventional design philosophy: comfort and convenience together with significant economic and ecological benefits. We combine expertise and know-how in the following products and services.

Smart Building Design 

We plan and design modern technology for intelligent buildings, in harmony with the architecture and the user's needs.

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Testing ›

In our testing laboratory we measure and test the conformity of BACnet, DALI and KNX products. 

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In our smart buildings seminars you learn how to design, plan and automate intelligent buildings. We transfer knowledge of design processes and impart technical know-how. 

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Troubleshooting ›

Do you have problems with your building installations? Our experienced project developers can assist you in finding solutions.

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Learn the latest about Smart Buildings.

Smart Building Design ›

High Tech versus Low Tech: Which path are Smart Buildings embarking upon?

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Smart Building Design ›

What is BIM? The benefits of BIM for planning and design

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Smart Building Technology ›

Troubleshooting in Zigbee networks

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