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Basics of Light and Lighting

Learn the basics of light and lighting in three days.

Light, perception and lighting technology. These diverse topics are dealt with in a compact and structured form. You acquire a basic knowledge of photometry and standards and learn the basics of lighting technology and lighting design. You will measure and evaluate a lighting installation and will experience a measurement live in our laboratory. With your certificate of attendance you also acquire a qualification according to DGUV Grundsatz 315-201 (formerly BGG 917). You are therefore authorized to evaluate artificial lighting in places of work according to ASR A3.4 and to carry out photometric tests.

3-day intensive training course. Learning free of manufacturer bias.
Impressive live demonstrations. Recognized certificate.

»Really a must for anyone planning and implementing interior spaces.«

Jens Raszawitz
Electronic Technician (Energy Systems), Ludwigshafen

»Very informative, very good implementation in practice.«

Frank Hoffmann
Project Leader (Electricity), Luxembourg-Kirchberg

Overview of the seminar

This is what you learn. This is what we offer.