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Basics of lighting technology

Learn the basics of lighting technology in 3 days.

This seminar focuses on photometry. You learn photometric and colourmetric terms, dimensions and units and the interpretation of photometric data sheets. From diagrams you deduce the radiation characteristics or efficiency of light sources . Knowledge of the basics of lighting technology, light sources and luminaire technology is conveyed using numerous live demonstrations.

3-day intensive training course. Solid background knowledge. .
Impressive live demonstrations. Eye openers.

»Very good basis. Interesting and enjoyable presentation of topics. Very good demonstrations.«

Andreas Hagg
Electrical Technician, Winterlingen

»Of good practical relevance. High proportion of practical work. Very good trainer.«

Alexander Pape
Graduate in Business Administration, Göttingen

Overview of the seminar

This is what you learn. This is what we offer.