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Building Systems Designer for Smart Buildings

Learn how to create holistic design concepts for intelligent buildings.

An intelligent building (Smart Building) adapts automatically and dynamically to both the environmental conditions and user requirements. Intelligent buildings are not only technically possible but also provide added value which is unattainable with conventional design philosophies. To plan an intelligent building holistically a designer and planner is required who has an insight into all the technical disciplines involved in the building. In this comprehensive training course you therefore learn to consider the intelligent functions of the building from the very beginning. In practical detailed workshops our experienced trainers show you how to use intelligent technologies appropriately in a concrete building project. You extend your professional knowledge in different modules, learning alternately in four classroom blocks and independently online. We train you for all the stages of planning and design, from project analysis to the overall concept and presentation. After this training course you will be able to apply the knowledge acquired immediately in practice.

16-day intensive training course. Solid background knowledge.
Enjoyable and informative practical workshops.

Clasroom phases:

Week 1: 26.09.–29.09.2017
Week 2: 28.11.–01.12.2017
Week 3: 27.02.–02.03.2018
Week 4: 24.04.–27.04.2018

»Demanding, enthralling, exhilirating.«

Torsten Sandebeck
Sales Engineer, Berlin

Overview of the seminar

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