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Certified Lighting Technician

Become a Certified Lighting Technician.

A »Certified Lighting Technician for Indoor Lighting (acc. to DIN 67517)« has a comprehensive knowledge of light and lighting installation technology and employs this knowledge appropriately when planning and commissioning indoor lighting systems. In the individual seminar modules »Basics of Lighting Technology«, »Basics of Electrotechnology« and »Planning and Evaluation of Lighting Systems« you can acquire the knowledge required to obtain the qualification »Certified Lighting Technician«. This qualification is awarded when all three examinations relating to the seminar modules have been successfully completed. Attending the seminar is not a prerequisite for the examination. Registration for the examination is also possible if the applicant has previously acquired comprehensive knowledge in the relevant fields. The final test can be booked separately for each seminar module and always takes place one day after the seminar.

3 seminar modules. Ideal preparation for the examination.
Recognized qualification.

Module 1 ›

Basics of Lighting Technology:
Learn the basics of lighting technology.

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Module 2 ›

Planning and Evaluation of lighting installations: Evaluate lighting installations.

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Module 3 ›

Basics of Electrotechnology: Acquire a basic knowledge of electrical technology.

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Overview of the seminar

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