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eu.bac Systems Auditor

Become an eu.bac systems auditor.

The eu.bac (European Building Automation and Controls Association) has developed a qualified procedure for the classification of the energy utilization of new or existing building automation systems. In this seminar you learn how to follow this procedure and have a chance to practise yourself. After the seminar you will be able to successfully carry out your first audit as a »Junior-Auditor«. You can then register as a certified »eu.bac systems auditor«. As an auditor you are responsible for the operation of a building throughout the whole life cycle of the installations.

2 day intensives training course. Practical application of »eu.bac methodology«. Evaluation of systems including audit.

»Relevant in practice, forward-looking.«

Rainer Störzenecker
Master Electrician, Pforzheim

»Good, interesting.«

Thomas Scherkenbach
Electrical Engineer, Kürten

Overview of the seminar

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