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Expert for Lighting Design

Learn to design perfect light.

Our seminar focuses on light. You learn to analyse architecture, to consider the utilization of the space and human needs and to design optimal lighting. You work on realistic projects with pen and paper. In our own laboratory you will experience the effectiveness and effect of light yourself. We train you for all stages from the concept to the presentation and implementation. Since we are free of obligation to any manufacturer, questions about products and trends are answered honestly with no holds barred. After the seminar you are ready to work at once as a modern expert for lighting design.

5-day intensive training. Solid background knowledge.
Impressive live demonstrations and workshops.

»Acquired a lot of knowledge and heightened my awareness of light.«

Katharina Bierner
Interior Designer, Ruhpolding

»Good, plenty of practical work, good documentation.«

Lutz Rau
Electrician, Markranstädt

Overview of the seminar

This is what you learn. This is what we offer.