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Human Centric Lighting Design

Become an expert and plan human centric lighting professionally.

The term »Human Centric Lighting« (HCL) already manifests itself in the marketing of numerous luminaire manufacturers.  Frequently »HCL«  is equated with a product which has more than one colour temperature. Human centric lighting design is, in many cases, pursued half-heartedly and defeats the objective.
In this seminar you will learn about the criteria which should be borne in mind for human centric lighting design. We will explain the background to the circadian efficacy of artificial lighting systems. You will obtain the latest important information about standardisation and planning recommendations. We will practise with you all the steps involved in human centric lighting design, from the initial concept to the presentation. This seminar is for participants who already have a command of the basics of photometry and have had experience in lighting design.

2-day intensive training course. Learn free of manufacturer bias.
Impressive live demonstrations.

Overview of the seminar

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