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LON Advanced

Deepen your knowledge of LON.

Have you already successfully completed the seminar »Automation with LON« or do you already have comparable knowledge? Then you can deepen your knowledge of LON's technical application in this advanced seminar. Among other things you will learn about the creation, care, and maintenance of larger and complex projects, including error detection. You will also become familiar with the qualification features of devices. Theoretical knowledge is consolidated in our training laboratory through practical work with the devices of various manufacturers. Here we will also reveal to you tips and tricks with the LonMaker and the data bank.

5-day intensive training course. Comprehensive, in-depth knowledge. Free of manufacturer bias. Learn in our training laboratory.

»»Good, plentyof testing options, good documentation.«

Lutz Rau
Elektromeister, Master Electrician

»Very good, good combination of theory and practice.«

Peter Mollus
Technical Support Building Automation, Mahlow

Overview of the seminar

This is what you learn. This is what we offer.