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Overview Smart Home / Smart Building

Learn what the differences mean in practice: a comparison of open systems.

Are you interested in the topics »Smart Home« und »Smart Building«? Or do you come into daily contact with »intelligent buildings« in your profession as a technical planner, systems integrator or electrician?

Then keep track of what is happening.

A number of established building automation standards and systems are already in use. An ever-increasing number of buildings are developing into smart homes and smart buildings which faces both experts and private persons with new challenges. The latest developments in complete networking and the Internet of Things are making it more and more important to acquire comprehensive knowledge of all systems. In our two-day seminar you learn about the different systems and their possible applications. We present you with a comparison of the most widespread automation standards and building automation devices. This enables you to make an informed decision when it comes to correctly selecting the best system. You can profit from the expert knowledge of our trainers and make sure your next projects will also meet the demands of the future. In our seminar you can test both radio and cable solutions. We also demonstrate solutions for networking all the technical disciplines in Smart Home and Smart Building systems. 

Under the guidance of our experts step into the world of Smart Home and Smart Building.

2-day intensive training course. Solid background knowledge. Learn free of manufacturer bias from trainers with practical experience.

Overview of the seminar

This is what you learn. This is what we offer.