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We are DIAL. We simplify lighting design. Become a part of our team.

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Our team currently consists of more than 90 permanent employees, including software developers, lighting planners, architects, designers, sales staff, trainers and many more. We work interdisciplinary and across teams.


Our modern working environment supports interpersonal interaction and good collaboration. We work with agile methods such as Scrum and Design Thinking. Flexible working hours and home office allow you to combine your professional and private life and take into account that ideas and innovations are not bound by space and time.

At DIAL we offer you:

Confidential working time

Agile working methods

Internal and external training


Openness for part-time


Employer-funded occupational pension scheme

Company car leasing

Fahrradleasing (JobRad)

We are always looking for people to enrich our team.

At DIAL you can expect:


Personal initiative

You pursue your projects with passion and commitment. You always know the big picture and have the goal in mind. Our goals are created through dialogue, which you help to shape. 


With us, you bear responsibility, because you are an important part of our success. You stand behind your projects and always try to achieve the best possible. 

Scope for action

You work independently and on your own responsibility. This also means that you organise yourself and your work and find your own individual ways. 


We work with each other as equals. Everyone is allowed to make decisions and exchanges ideas directly with everyone, without detours. Our decision-making channels are therefore short.


We offer space for creative exchange and are convinced that good cooperation leads to good results.

Your start at DIAL

We are looking for people who drive their projects forward with innovative ideas and passion. We are looking for individualists who think outside the box and are willing to make decisions. Whether in software development, design, sales or another area.

Professionally experienced
You have professional experience and have already worked on exciting projects? Are you looking for a job that you enjoy in a company that supports and challenges you? Then we would like to get to know you.

Find your job


Pupils & Students
Gain your first professional experience as a student: Internship, vocational training or our dual study programme - whatever you choose, as part of our team you will receive individual support.

As a student, we offer you the opportunity to combine theoretical knowledge with practical experience. Whether as part of an internship, a thesis (Bachelor's/Master's) or a dual study programme: you will gain detailed insights into all areas of work.