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We simplify lighting
design for you.

This is what we do:

DIALux evo

We develop the world's leading lighting design software, free of charge and available in 26 languages. Find out why lighting designers and luminaire manufacturers rely on DIALux evo and download the software.


Our platform for freelance jobs in the lighting industry. Busy lighting designers who need help with a project choose between hundreds of freelancers or luminaire manufacturers to find the right support.


In our Academy, participants learn how to optimally design light and control intelligent buildings. Of course, we also show how to use our lighting design software DIALux evo quickly and efficiently. In seminars and online formats.


Light Lab

In our photometric lighting laboratory, we measure luminaires and lamps from and for manufacturers. We confirm lighting competence and determine all photometric quantities. In addition, we offer individual services and express measurements.

Light lab


We deal with many exciting topics around light and smart building.

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On the platform for freelance jobs in the lighting business, busy lighting designers can find support for their projects. Depending on your needs, you can choose the right support from a variety of freelancers or luminaire manufacturers. Special luminaires can be requested anonymously from industry partners. Of course, you can also register as a freelancer yourself.

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The Global Lighting Data Format is a new, modern and modular lighting data format. It not only includes ROLF and ULD, but also supports complex luminaires and sensors, and saves effort in creating and interpreting lighting data. Open and freely available. Developed by DIAL and RELUX.

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