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We simplify lighting design.

With DIALux we are developing the worldwide standard for lighting design software. But that is not all. DIAL was founded in 1989 as German Institute for Applied Lighting Technology and since then we have offered a wide range of expertise in software development, lighting technology and design and building automation.


Since 1994, we have been developing the world's leading software for lighting design. DIALux is free of charge and available in 25 languages. More than 750,000 professional users plan, calculate and visualise light with DIALux - and with real products from more than 190 renowned luminaire manufacturers.


Our platform for freelance jobs in the lighting business. Busy lighting designers who need help with a project can find the right support among hundreds of professionals or register as a freelancer themselves. Free of charge and without obligation.


We are involved in many exciting projects around the topics of light and smart building. Among them you will find our book "Smart Building Design", our planning project "New Building DIAL", information on our new lighting data format GLDF developed with Relux, and much more.



We impart knowledge on the topics of DIALux, lighting technology, lighting design and smart building. In our Academy we offer online seminars and seminars at our premises in Lüdenscheid. In addition, you can find DIALux trainers around the world whom we train and certify.


Light lab

In our photometric lighting laboratory, we measure luminaires and lamps from and for manufacturers. We confirm lighting competence and determine all photometric quantities. In addition, we offer individual services and express measurements.

Light Lab

„We believe that lighting design with good software leads to good results and is fun. Our aim is to make the planner's work easier and to offer luminaire manufacturers a platform with which they can market products to target groups.”

Dieter Polle, CEO DIAL
about the development of DIALux

Our team currently consists of more than 90 permanent employees. We work interdisciplinary and across teams in the middle of Lüdenscheid, the centre of the German lighting industry.

Our headquarters is an energy-efficient new building. The building is fully automated, and we designed the architecture and overall technical concept. We have developed the office lighting in such a way that it adapts to the biological daily rhythm of people, in accordance with the Human Centric Lighting concept. The focus is on the user, his needs and his comfort.

We have further locations in Italy, the USA and Taiwan.

DIAL Headquarter

We are always looking for people who drive their projects forward with innovative ideas and passion. We are looking for individualists who think outside the box and are willing to make decisions. Whether in software development, design, sales or another area. Find out more about your entry opportunities at DIAL.

Career at DIAL