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Learning environment

About our Academy

Classroom seminars take place at our headquarters in Lüdenscheid. The building has seminar rooms, a white lab, a black lab and an automation lab. The special thing about it, each room offers you new possibilities. You will put theory directly into practice and experience results live. We make sure that your seminar participation is an exciting experience, practical and manufacturer-neutral. All training rooms offer a pleasant room climate and are equipped with ergonomic chairs.

White lab

Seminars on the subject of light, lighting design and lighting technology take place in our white laboratory. The lab has a height-adjustable ceiling (1.10 m to 4.50 m) equipped with luminaires and lamps from various manufacturers. Using these products, we can demonstrate lighting applications during the seminar, experience effects and impact live and evaluate the results together. Tables and ergonomic chairs are available for the theoretical part.

Black lab

In the black laboratory we carry out photometric measurements of luminaires. With our precision measuring instruments, we can determine all photometric quantities. We will guide you through the black lab and explain how our goniophotometer works.

Automation lab

Seminars in the area of smart building take place in our automation lab. Devices from various manufacturers are available to each participant for practical exercises. The theory is also taught here in a practical manner.

DIAL building

We work in an energy-efficient new building in Lüdenscheid. Our headquarters is fully automated, the architecture and overall technical concept designed by us. The building's functions can be operated via PC apps. The office lighting is based on the Human Centric Lighting concept - the light adapts to people's biological daily rhythms. The focus is on the user, his needs and his comfort.

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