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Expert for Lighting Design
Learn to design perfect light

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Our seminar focuses on light. You learn to analyse architecture, to consider the utilization of the space and human needs and to design optimal lighting. You work on realistic projects with pen and paper. In our own laboratory you will experience the effectiveness and effect of light yourself. We train you for all stages from the concept to the presentation and implementation. Since we are free of obligation to any manufacturer, questions about products and trends are answered honestly with no holds barred. After the seminar you are ready to work at once as a modern expert for lighting design.

The course takes place at the same time with face-to-face and online participants.
Online participants are connected live and will be actively involved. You decide whether you visit us in Lüdenscheid or participate online.

Hybrid seminar

5 days
We guarantee that the hybrid seminar will take place

3.029 EUR incl. beverages & lunch

In addition to the necessary theory, we show real light applications for all contents and carry out experiments and workshops together. This allows you to experience everything live and try it out for yourself

Project analysis as the basis for lighting design & development of a lighting concept; you will experience different lighting strategies using demos on our suspended ceiling, in the white lab, with different products; very varied and vivid: theory, group work, practical demos and experiments; high practical content; all speakers have experience in lighting design and consulting; many years of experience in the field of lighting technology - also through our lighting lab

Target group
Interior designers, lighting designers and all those interested in qualitative lighting design

For online participation:
Microsoft Teams account, Headset/microphone, headphones, webcam,
second screen is helpful

Expert for Lighting Design

On our lifting ceiling, we demonstrate various lighting strategies with a wide range of products


Day 1

  • Daylight as the basis for planning artificial light
  • Process of lighting design
  • Working with architectural plans
  • Project analysis: lighting requirements
  • Terminology to describe the qualities of light

Day 2

  • Creating lighting concepts
  • Selection of lamps
  • Overview of different lighting strategies
  • Direct lighting, general and accent lighting

Day 3

  • Indirect lighting, general and accent lighting
  • Direct/indirect lighting
  • Wall lighting, wall washers, accent lighting, grazing

Day 4

  • Scallops(Light cone sections)
  • Integrating strategies into an overall concept
  • Selection of luminaires, grouping and dimensioning
  • Presentation of the overall plan

Day 5

  • Overall planning of another object in small groups
  • Presentation of results
  • Closing discussion

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As a participant, you can try out a lot and experience the effect of light live

We will take you on a tour of our black lab where we perform photometric measurements and explain how our goniophometer works


Klaus Bieckmann
Dipl.-Ing. Innenarchitektur
Team leader
Lighting design and technology

Ariane Ignazak
Dipl.-Ing. Innenarchitektur
Lighting design, Consulting


Cornelia Wuttke
Dipl.-Ing. Architektur
Lighting design, Photometric laboratory, Consulting



Bahnhofsallee 18
58507 Lüdenscheid


Contact person
Irina Schäfer
+49 2351 5674 407


Dates & Booking

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We guarantee that the hybrid seminar will take place.

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