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Smart Building Design

Better architecture through automation.

We plan and design modern technology for intelligent buildings in harmony with the architecture and the user's needs. For intelligent buildings adapt dynamically both to the user's needs and to the surroundings. Building automation must therefore be planned holistically and include all the technical sub-sections of the building from the very beginning. Intelligent buildings provide added value which is unattainable with conventional design philosophies: comfort and convenience, together with significant economic and ecological benefits.



Design and Consulting

Smart Buildings with DIAL. 

You are planning to buy a new building. We are able understand your architect's drafts and plans. Together with you we can define how you wish to use the building and define the requirements which you wish the building to fulfil. On this basis we design and plan modern and intelligent building technology for your Smart Building. Building technology which meets your needs almost to perfection and which you can operate easily. 


You are an architect. You would like to make use of modern intelligent technologies in your projects. We are able to understand your draft design and can provide assistance and support according to phases 1-9 of HOAI.


DIAL Service

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DIAL Lüdenscheid.


Our know-how can solve your problems.

The world of automation is becoming increasingly complex. Networks and systems are linked and growing together. We are a reliable partner at your side when faults arise, whether for new installations or after commissioning. We assist you in the search for solutions and untangle any knots. If there are disagreements, we support you and your interests, whether you are the owner of the building, the user or the integrator. Either by telephone or on-site. If required, we can also provide a final written report. How this should be done and in what depth is up to you.